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The VCProbe-NIR-DSD is specially designed to precisely measure the angular emission of small aperture of NIR sources. This system can measure many different sources including LIDAR, Flash LIDAR, Laser Diode and VCSEL.



The system features contactless measurements that generates, within a single measurement, the viewing angle of ±32° that provides an outstanding angular resolution of 0.03°. For NIR viewing angle measurements up to ±70°, see VCProbe-NIR-STG

It is a system optimized for individual VCSEL and has a Working Distance of 40mm.

The VCProbe-NIR-DSD allows high speed and accurate measurements for applications in R&D as well as mass production/QC.

Customized systems to meet your exact requirements are available.


  • Wavelength is calibrated at 850nm, 905nm, 940nm


Specifications VCProbe-NIR-DSD
Wavelength Intensity (absolute) Calibrated at 850 nm – 905 nm – 940 nm
Viewing Angle Incident angle
Azimuth angle
Working Distance 40 mm
Performances Optical resolution
Linearized data
Iris Size Optimized for sample of 0.5mm / 1mm / 2.5mm
Focus Distance 1000mm
Accuracy Radiance (w/str/m2)
Power (watt)
Takt time Exposure time
Processing Transfer time
300ms – 30s
Less than 1 s
Using condition Temperature range
Humidity range
10°C to +40°C
0 to 85% non condensing
Specifications can be changed without notice
NIR emitter pulse synchronization, rate and width measurement
Temperature stabilized sensor
Viewing spot for automated positioning



  • For automotive (self-driving car)
  • For mature and innovative technologies: LIDAR, Flash LIDAR, LASER Diode, VCSEL
  • R&D and mass production/QC
  • For 3D sensing & Imaging



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