UHS-V2640 4M Pixel 26 Gpx/s

UHS-V2640 is a full frame 4M Pixel camera with 6,600 fps native frame rate

The Phantom V2640 is the fastest 4M Pixel camera available and the most sensitive camera in its class. It has exceptional image quality, dynamic range and the lowest noise at 7.2e

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High-Speed 4M Pixel Camera

  • 2048 x 1952 pixel proprietary sensor
  • Advanced triggering, up to 288GB internal RAM
  • Interchangeable lens mounts (Nikon F, C, PL, Canon EOS)
  • Frame rates from 24 to 190,060 fps
  • Integration times down to 142ns
  • Correlated double sampling (CDS) for exceptional image quality
  • Sensor binning for higher sensitivity, higher speed (monochrome output only)
  • High Speed mode without CDS for higher frame rates
  • Monochrome or colour sensors

The Phantom UHS V-2640 is the fastest 4 M pixel high speed camera.  The V-2640 steps up the frame rate of the Phantom V-1840 to 6,600 fps. With the most advanced sensor level imaging modes, there is an option for every application. Advanced triggering, huge internal RAM capacity, optional CineMag non-volatile storage and easy to use software, this camera is a flexible tool to stop motion of high-speed events in the lab or on the range.

Up to 7.8 seconds of full resolution 2048 x 1952 images can be captured at 6,600 frames per second with the internal RAM.  This is then offloaded to a computer via Gigabit Ethernet, 10Gb or optionally to the onboard CineMag V for archiving and playback.

The sensor has 5 modes of operation to provide the ultimate level of flexibility to match the application:

  • Standard mode operates at full 4M pixel resolution and uses CDS for the best image quality
  • High Speed mode (HS) operates at full 4M pixel resolution, increasing speeds by 34%, with a small decrease in dynamic range
  • Standard Binned mode electrically combines 4 pixels on the sensor (2 x 2 binning) which yields larger 27 x 27 µm pixels and a 1024 x 976 pixel sensor. The speed and sensitivity are increased.
  • High Speed Binned mode increases the speed by 36% over the standard binned mode, with a small decrease in dynamic range
  • High Speed Bright Field mode increases the pixel full well depth for maximum possible SNR. Ideal for clean images on bright backgrounds

Large 13.5µm pixels ensure high sensitivity with ISO exposure index up to 125,000 (monochrome, binned) or 16,000 (colour).

The optional on-board CineMag V non-volatile storage is the fastest way to offload RAM and enhances workflow. Transfer speeds of 1GB/s means 288GB of data can be saved in less than 5 minutes. 1Gb and 10Gb Ethernet interfaces are standard with data transfer rates up to 600MB/s.


Sensor Proprietary 20148 x 1952 pixel CMOS
Dynamic Range 12-bit
Integration Time Down to 142 ns (FAST option)
Frame Rate
  • 6,600 @ 2048 x 1952 (HS mode)
  • 4,855 @ 2048 x 1952 (Standard mode)
  • 18,390 @ 1024 x 976 (Standard binned mode)
  • 25,030 @ 1024 x 976 (HS binned mode)
  • (other speeds and resolutions available, please see datasheet)
Pixel Size 13.5 µm, 27µm binned mode
ISO (mono) 16,000 D (up to 125,000 Exposure Index, binned)
ISO (colour) 3,200 (up to 16,000 Exposure Index)
Internal Memory 72GB, 144GB, 288GB
Sensor Cooling TE Cooled
Max record time 7.8 sec at full resolution, max memory
Triggering Hardware, software, image based auto trigger (IBAT)
  • Exposure Index for controlling apparent ISO
  • Auto exposure
  • Shutter off (for PIV)
  • 1µs standard, 142ns with FAST option
 Image Time Stamp
  • IRIG in/out (modulated and unmodulated)
  • GPS
  • Programmable I/O ports includes adjustable (assign and define) signals including F-sync, strobe, event, trigger output, ready and more
  • Dedicated FSYNC, Trigger, Timecode In, Timecode Out, and Strobe BNCs on camera body
  • Range Data input on camera body
  • Remote port
  • GPS input for GPS timing, longitude & latitudeCapture connector (Available signals: Event, Trigger, Strobe, Ready, IRIG In, IRIG Out, Video Out, Serial Port, Power Out, A-Sync (IBAT Trigger), Pretrigger/Memgate)
Shutter Internal mechanical shutter for simple current session reference
  • 11.3 ns timing accuracy
  • Frame synchronization to internal or external clock (FSYNC)
Standard Video Output 2 x HD-SDI on camera connectivity
Lens Interface Nikon F, C, PL or Canon EOS
Camera Control
  • Phantom Camera Control (PCC)
  • SDK available
Data Acquisition National Instruments M- and X-Series DAQ modules with integrated support in PCC


Fluid dynamics
High-speed machining
Ballistic impacts
Additive Manufacturing
Explosion dynamics





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VEO Water Drops


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