DP Green Series 18mj

High Pulse Energy Green Laser

DP20-b | DP5-b | DP1-b| DP2k-b


  • For short pulse requirement (<10ns)
  • End pumped design generates only a fraction of the heat compared to traditional pulsed lamp-pumped laser.
  • Air-cooled
  • Pulse to Pulse stability (2% rms)
  • Repetition rate up to 2kHz
  • Compact laser head
  • 2 types available
    • DP –  single shot to 100Hz (200Hz optional) variable rep rate
    • DP2k –  short pulse (4-5ns) up to 2kHz
  • More options for IR, Green, UV, DUV and multi-wavelength



DP Output Characteristics

DP2k Output Characteristics

Model DP2k-b
Wavelength (nm) 532
Pulse Energy 1mJ
Repetition Rate Single shot to 2kHz
Pulse Width ~5ns
Pulse to Pulse Stability 2% rms



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