<strong>Infrared Cameras for Research and Science Thermography</strong>




Thermal Imaging

Infrared Cameras for Research and Science Thermography

FLIR manufactures state-of-the-art cameras which detect infrared radiation or heat.  All thermographic wavelength ranges are covered from SWIR, MWIR to LWIR with proprietary cooled and uncooled detectors for absolute or relative temperature measurements.

Specifications Overview
High-resolution SWIR, MWIR and LWIR cameras- up to 1280 x 1024 pixels
Ultra-fast frame rates over 1000 fps at full resolution and ns integration times
Temperature ranges from -20°C to 3000°C with mK sensitivity


High-Performance Cooled Cameras

Deeply cooled InGaAs, InSb, MCT or SLS detectors
Highest spatial and thermal resolution
Interchangeable lenses including microscopy lenses
GigE Vision, CoaXPress and HD-SDI interfaces

  • A6260SC
  • A6700SC
  • A6750SC MWIR
  • A6750SC SLS
  • A8200SC
  • A8300SC

High-Speed Cooled Cameras

Deeply cooled InSb and SLS detectors
Advanced triggering, on board RAM and SSD
Motorized filter wheels with automated filter recognition
Frame rates from 180 to 29,000
Integration times down to 270ns

  • X6800SC
  • X6900SC MWIR
  • X6900SC SLS
  • X8500SC MWIR
  • X8500SC SLS

Scientific Grade Uncooled Cameras

Uncooled microbolometer detectors
320×240 or 640 x480 LWIR pixel resolution
Radiometrically calibrated up to 2,000°C

  • A325SC
  • A655SC

Hand-Held Professional Cameras

Premium State-of-the-Art Thermal Imaging Cameras