NIRvana HS

The NIRvana family of InGaAs focal plane array cameras consists of NIRvana LN, NIRvana 640, and NIRvana HS. All are designed for unrivalled performance in low light quantitative imaging and spectroscopy applications in the SWIR spectral region. The NIRvana HS builds on Teledyne Princeton Instruments decades long experience designing the highest performance scientific cameras.

The NIRvana HS adds speed and compact size to the NIRvana family. With advanced thermoelectric cooling to -55° C it is designed for exposure times up to 1 minute. It offers 16-bit digitization and low read noise for outstanding dynamic range. An integrated cold shield further reduces noise by limiting the ambient thermal background.




Scientific Cooled InGaAs SWIR Camera

  • Deeply cooled InGaAs detector
  • 20 µm x 20 µm pixels
  • 0.9 to 1.7 µm spectral range with peak 85% QE
  • Frame rates to 1250fps
  • Integration times down to 2µs
  • 16 bit digitization
  • -55°C thermoelectric cooling

The NIRvana HS from Teledyne Princeton Instruments is the premier thermoelectrically cooled scientific grade InGaAs SWIR camera for quantitative imaging and spectroscopy.  

With smaller size and faster frame rates than the NIRvana 640, the NIRvana HS is the next step in speed with full frame rates to 250 fps.  With decades of experience building robust scientific cameras, the NIRvana HS follows this tradition with an AR coated brazed vacuum window backed up by a lifetime vacuum guarantee.


Detector Type InGaAs
Digitization 16-bit
Integration Time 2µs to 1 minute
Deepest Cooling Temperature (20ºC) -55°C (liquid) -50°C (air)
Imaging Format 640 x 512 pixels
Spectral Range 0.9-1.7 µm
Detector Pitch 20 µm
Blemish Specification Grade A:<2%
Sensor Cooling air only, liquid only, or combination
Frame Rate (Full Resolution) 250 fps
f/# of cold shield f/1.5
Dark Current <800 e¯/p/s -50ºC
 Read Noise <60e¯ (High Gain)
nonlinearity <1%
Scan Rate 25MHz, 12.5MHz, 3.125MHz
Binning, ROI Binning, software, multiple hardware ROI
Readout Type Global shutter
Readout Modes Integrate then read, Integrate while read
Data Interface Gigabit Ethernet
Lens Interface C mount or spec mount


Small Animal Imaging

Astronomical Imaging

Singlet Oxygen Imaging



Quantum Research







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