FLS1000 Photoluminescence Spectrometer

  • New Fluoracle® software package – easily accessible user interface and updated features
  • Higher Resolution –  new 325 mm focal length monochromators provide superb accuracy and excellent stray light rejection with minimum step size
  • Faster measurements – increased scan speeds and leading performance
  • Increased automation – ease of use for even the most complex configurations


The FLS1000 Spectrometer sets the standard in both steady-state and time-resolved photoluminescence spectroscopy for both fundamental research and routine laboratory applications.

The system is a modular fluorescence and phosphorescence spectrometer for measuring spectra from the ultraviolet to the mid-infrared spectral range (up to 5,500 nm), and lifetimes spanning from picoseconds to seconds. All of this can be achieved through various upgrade routes, either at the time of order or in the future.

Whether you are studying photophysics, photochemistry, biophysics, biochemistry, material or life sciences, the FLS1000 will enable you to reliably and accurately measure luminescence spectra and kinetics using state-of-the-art sources, detectors, acquisition techniques, quality optics and precision mechanics. The large sample chamber will house practically any type of sample accessory.

High sensitivity is a prerequisite for measurements of low sample concentrations, small sample volumes or low sample quantum yields. The instrument’s guaranteed sensitivity of >30,000:1 (optional >35,000:1) for the standard water Raman measurement using the SQRT method is unmatched in the industry.

The FL1000 has a USB interface and all modes of operation are controlled by ONE data acquisition module and ONE all-inclusive Fluoracle software package for data acquisition and analysis. Light source, detector, grating, slits, polarisers are all computer-controlled for accurate and precise measurements.

Excitation Sources

The FL1000 comes standard with a 450 W ozone free xenon arc lamp that covers a range of 230 nm to >1000 nm for steady state measurements. A variety of other sources can be integrated including microsecond flashlamps, nanosecond flashlamp, pulsed diode lasers (EPL Series), pulsed light emitting diodes (EPLED Series), supercontinuum lasers, Ti:sapphire lasers, Q-switched solid state lasers and OPOs, dye lasers, and infrared CW and pulsed lasers for upconversion measurements.


Single and double grating Czerny-Turner monochromators are available in the FLS1000 with 325 mm (or 2 x 325 mm) focal length, high optical throughput, excellent stray light rejection and low temporal dispersion. The monochromators feature ‘plug-and-play’ triple grating turrets with up to three gratings on each turret and computer-controlled slits.


A full range of detector options are available to enhance the range of spectral coverage and/ or to reduce the instrumental response width for lifetime measurements. The instrument comes standard with a PMT-900 detector in a cooled housing which covers a range from 185 nm – 900 nm, in TCSPC mode the instrumental response width is approximately 600 ps. Optional detectors include: high speed PMTs in a cooled housing with instrument response <200 ps, MCP-PMT in cooled housings with a response <25 ps, NIR-PMTs to cover spectral ranges out to 1700 nm with photon counting sensitivity and speed, InGaAs detectors with spectral coverage up to ~1.65 μm, 2.05 um and 2.55 μm, InAs and InSb detectors to cover up to 5.50 μm.

Sample Holders

At the heart of the FLS1000 is an exceptionally large sample chamber that allows access to the sample from all sides, top and bottom. This ensures compatibility and simplifies access to a variety of sample holders.

Photoluminescence Spectroscopy Research

There are a variety of research articles on photoluminescence spectroscopy which you can view on the Edinburgh Instruments website.

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